About Me

In a former life I was a painter. I sold paintings around the world and won many awards. Some on Etsy but mostly on eBay and my own website. I took a hiatus due to health issues and never came back back as who I once was. (Read: cancer sucks)

Since then I developed a new passion. Fingernails and Fingernail Art. I started small with a few polishes here and there, then it blew up to over 400. Then acrylic nails .... oh my acrylic nails. Then I started obsessing over nail dip powder. And that my friends is where my new chapter begins.

One of my favorite things about painting was mixing colors. I’m quite good at it, and can hand mix colors from paint swatches at the store in studio. I like shades, hues, tints, saturation, contrast, sheerness and opaqueness of color. Then throw in glitter, tons of glitter, and even more glitter and I’m there!

I started making my own dips in 2018 because I couldn’t find what I wanted. Either the shade was off, too flat, not enough glitz and glitter. So now I create what I want and have the ability to create customs for you too.

All my products are vegan, cruelty free, minimum of 9 free, MMA free and handmade by me.