* Who is Kozmik Nails?

It's just little 'ol me. Kristy Heywood soon to be Kristy Vick. I create/photo/sell/label/pack/ship all orders. I am a one woman show. 

When you place an order:

I do a happy dance. (literally)
I check your orders for any issues.
I then label your jars
Fill your jars or make more if needed, then fill your jars.
I create your thank you envelopes/cards and pack your random samples.
Put it all in the organza bag and bubble wrap it & sticker it.
Weigh it and print your labels.
walk it through the line at the Post Office and wish your order a safe journey on it's way to you.
Wait patiently for a review, a post or communication you enjoyed your products/experience.
Do it alll over again!

    *Are your powders Handmade or Rebranded?

    My clear and white powders are bought in bulk from a company based in the USA. Any other color/mix offered in my shop is created/mixed by me using those powders as bases, by hand. All pigments used with the exception of micas are hand ground by me. 

    *How are your powders small batch if you always have it in stock?

    I make each color by hand in 4 oz batches. When I run out, I make a new batch from a secret recipe and swatch it to be sure it is correct. 

    *How accurate are your photos or do you use filters?

    All swatches are photographed indoors, they are only color corrected for white balance. As with all photographs it varies from screen to screen so I can not say 100% it shows accurately on yours. I try my hardest to capture accurate photos. No filters are used period.


    *I have a "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" code and it's not working! What do i do?

    If you received a code while the site was on the Go Daddy! format. It's is not compatible with the Shopify! format. Send me a picture of your handwritten code and I will add it in for you so it can be used.