Collection: Rock On!

Looking to rock your nail game? Kozmik Nails has got you covered! This specially designed dip powder collection is inspired by the stunning beauty of natural rocks. These can be worn sugared, or filed down for a polished stone look. They are designed to create tiny voids for dip powder to settle into so BONUS POINTS for those who want to take it a step further! With a sprinkle of dip powder over the top, or even a full dip of regular dip powder can create realistic marble or granite effects after activating and filing it down. (trust the process)

Not looking for realistic? Go grunge, neon inspired, or futuristic with just a different color sprinkled on top. Use a glow powder for glowing veins or speckles! With endless combinations the only limit is your creativity and imagination! For example, use I Lava You and sprinkle some Shimmery blues purples and pinks over the top randomly - activate and file down - wowza you have a space nebula.