Don't Be Soooo Jelly Collection pt 2

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Don't Be Sooo Jelly Collection Re-Issue! The original collection was released in approx 2019! Some colors were listed as singles, while the rest faded away.... Now they are all back and a couple new additions! I also broke it into 2 parts. There are also matching decals and a wrap!

Can be used to create jelly looks, or frosted glass / sea glass by not using a top coat or a matte top coat. These are shown with 2 dips - half glossed and half not. You can also use these as bases for your own custom mixes by mixing in some glitters or shimmers!

Collection includes 5 colors:

Jellyfish Wish: Lavender

Jellyfish Swish: Pink

Grape Jelly: Purple

Ocean Water: Blue with a hint of teal. If it looks familiar - it is the same color as Blood In The Water from the Shark Week BBB! (minus the red glitter!)

Jellyfish Jam: Aqua with flakies that glows in the dark aqua.

Each color shown with 2 dips using Kozmik products.

~Individual colors can be located HERE

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