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Wicked Awesome is another Halfway to Halloween Collection! I started doing this last year and it's so much fun! This year's theme is a Halloween Beach Party! SO strap on that Banshee Bikini and let's get this party started shall we???

Bonus each and every color can be worn with each other! The best thing is I left the Halloween glitters out and separate so you can mix or hand place them HOWEVER YOU WANT OR NOT! They will come in little baggies, so you can use them when and if!

Collection includes 6 colors:

Nightshade SPF 5000: The perfect  sun protection for all our vamps out there! It's a stunning solid/cream (NO SHIMMER AT ALL) somewhere in between Fuschia, Magenta and Purple. Very Neon and glows under a black light (Does not glow in the dark)

Black Magic Beachcombing: Sundown, the perfect time to look for all those ingredients for that special witches brew getting fired up over the bewitching beach bonfire. A black jelly with golden chromatic flakies that shift from slightly orangey gold to magenta with hot pink mini stars and just a hint of blurple sparkle.

Quicksand Castles: Whether it's to play a trick on your favorite beasty, or just to create the impossible - using your powers to create the impossible is epic! Quicksand Castles is a Purple and Orange glittertastic mix with all kinds of beautiful flashbacks and shine!

Sun of a Witch: A great play on words especially for this collection theme! Another black jelly with pink and copper foils, and a little hint of glitters and some blurple flashbacks!

Ghouls Just Wanna have Fun: 100% True! No matter the time of year! This is one of my favorite glitter mixes and pulls this whole collection together. Fushias, Magentas and Purples and some blurple flashbacks!

Twilight Tan Lines: For those who like to wear a lil something during those Nude Bonfire Moonlight Dance Parties! Another great black jelly with chromatic flakies that shift from hot pink and fiery orange with blurple flashbacks. Can be used as a topper too!

Each color shown with 2 dips using Kozmik products.

~Individual colors can be located HERE

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