Create Me A Pet/Person Custom! (First Time!)

Would you like a custom wrap sheet featuring your pet or loved one? You came to the right place!

Requirements: Clear, crisp and properly lighted photos, close ups work best but not required as long as enough detail is present. Turn around time is about a week with current workload. You will need to email your pictures to You will get final approval and updates on progress.

The first wrap using your picture is $10, this includes the digital work and the wrap. Whatever picture you choose will be stored offline incase you would like to come back for a different design (i.e. Valentine's themed or say Halloween)

I will not list your custom for sale unless it is approved by you for mass consumption. If you decide I can use your pets image to make other designs after original I come up (not your designs) with using your pet I will send you for FREE!. Kinda like TV royalties.

The second or however many times after that you would like a custom using the same image but a different theme it's just regular price of $5.50 or the going rate if there is a price increase and I forget to update this description using the same image.

You can choose color backgrounds and themes. Photos in listing use my cat as an example, her name is Galaxy, and is the official mascot and employee of the month and boss of Kozmik Nails.

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