Such A Lovely, Lonely Night

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It's centered around my current favorite band Breaking Benjamin. Previous faves included Stone Temple Pilots & Linkin Park but .... you know.

The names are some of my favorite title and lyrics. One thing I love about their music is a single song is never about a single thing - very open to interpretation. So not all the songs go from a designated point A to point B and can mean a multitude of things to different people. When I first started listening it was to get rid of rage in alot of ways but I moved past that and now feel and absorb the beauty, even if it is or can be on the darker side. I've pulled from them before for color names most famously "Beautifully Broken"

All are chromable.

Color Deets:

Such A Lovely, Lonely Night: For me I needed time alone to figure out everything - and that was ok. I needed that time to figure out a couple of things. How was I going to move forward? What did I want for a change instead of being what everyone else wanted. This is the same base color as Dark Before The Dawn but with added gold and copper shimmer chunks looking like the dark night sky.


~Swatch shown with 2 dip using Kozmik Products.

~Part of the Dark Of You Collection

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