Wild Thing Wrap #5

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Clear wrap design with varying snake scales print.  Shown wrapped over Green mamba. Shown glossy and matte.

3x3 waterslide focal wrap sheet.  Can be used on natural nails, acrylic nails, fingers, or toes. Must be protected by gel polish or clear capping. Shown glossy and matte on swatches. Large enough for several uses! Amount of uses determined by nail length and size. I can get 6 full size stiletto swatches off one sheet. Don't be trapped in a one size fits all oval. Now you can decide the exact design and orientation of your waterslide. Perfect for nail techs who service multiple clients with varied nail sizes. Scraps can be utilized for striping, diagonal or curved half nails, or even abstract designs. Watermark on digital image only not on actual product. Steps for use: Trim to desired size for your nail. Prep the nail, it can be applied over a gel top coat, dip top coat, an unfinished acrylic nail or dipped nail (activated and buffed but not top coated) or natural nail. For easier application apply a rubberized nail polish basecoat. It will dry slightly tacky. (do this step only on an unfinished acrylic, dipped, or natural nail) Use a damp q-tip to wet the back of the waterslide. Avoid over wetting waterslide to help with application. The wetter you get it the easier to damage the design. Gently slide the design the paper backing slightly on the curved cuticle edge. Lay the design next to your cuticle on the nail and press down to help attach it so you can remove the rest of the paper backing. After backing is removed slowly press down the design down the center of the nail, then slowly work the design around the sides. The higher your apex on your nail the more gapping/or folds around the cuticle area. (most will disappear once encapsulated or topped off with gel polish.) Work out any air bubble or excessive folds or wrinkles. Once happy with your work use a high grit file moving in one direction (down) to remove extra decals off the sides and free edge. Do not fold the decals to the underside of the nail. (more apt for pull up and weeping.) Your design is now ready for protecting. It can be clear capped or topped off with gel polish, regular clear nail polish top coat, or dip top coat (dip top coat drying times will bee extended quite a bit because the activator fumes can't to the top coat to cure it) Be sure to totally encapsulate your new focal nail, if you don't it might lift, separate, or weep.. (weep is when water gets to your design for an extended amount of time and your colors will bleed over time.)

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